The laws of planting seeds

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Yes, you can design your future reality by first choosing the imprints you put in your mind. Next you can give those chosen imprints a chance to create results faster by giving them the right conditions. This is the essence of the seed system. This process is just like gardening. Inner agriculture. We’ll plant the seeds we want, then we need to give them water, sun and fertilizer so they grow fast and strong. Here are the four main “laws” of planting seeds: 


The laws of planting seeds


If you want watermelons in your garden then you don’t plant lettuce seeds, you plant watermelon seeds. 

  1. The first law of the seeds is, like makes like. If you want financial success then you have to see yourself helping someone else with financial success.
  2. The second principle of seeds is that they grow, if properly cared for, and the watermelons produced are many times larger than the seed planted. Small actions make big results. Think of an acorn and an oak tree. 
  3. The third principle is that if you do not plant a seed then there is no way to grow a result. If you have never been generous with material things then you can’t have the result of receiving material things.
  4. The fourth principle of seeds is that if you plant a seed and it has the needed conditions then it will produce a result. No effort is ever wasted even if the result takes time to come back to you.


Profit sharing causes you to reach and even exceed your financial goals because when you help your partner have financial success, which is probably every day, you are recording thousands of generosity seeds in your mind. Each time you do a task that furthers your partners’ goals of financial success, from posting on social media to gaining a new client, think about how that will help your partners grow their financial freedom, and be happy about helping them! Because of the laws of seeds stated above, you will definitely get a big financial result. 


Unlimited resources


One of the objections that may arise in your mind to creating a profit sharing team is that that there is not enough profit for everyone. If you take the total profit and split it in half then you are making less than if you took it all. Unless, of course, there is more profit. Do you have to take the profit from other real estate professionals in your area to have more profit? 


The old business paradigm is that you have to beat the competition to make a profit. In order for you to win someone else has to lose. Throw that idea out! Here is your new business model – help as many people as possible be successful at their business, especially those you think of as “competition” because there is no competition in the seed system, there are only opportunities to plant more seeds for abundance and opportunities to plant seeds for getting the help you need when you need it.


This brings us to the idea of unlimited resources. A useful example of this comes from the political ideas of capitalism and communism. Think of the income of an entire nation as an extra large pizza of your favorite variety. In capitalism some people get a bigger slice and others have to fight over the remaining pizza; there are haves and have nots. When one person gets more someone else gets less. In Communism you split the pizza up amongst everyone so everyone gets a small slice, maybe very small. Which system is better? There is a third way. In the seed system we don’t split up an existing pizza, we make more pizza so that everyone has everything they want.


If you don’t think that it is possible to have more resources than currently exist, imagine the wealth that is created each time a new energy source is found; steam engines, gasoline, wind and solar. Or when a new invention that saves our time comes along, I love my vacuum cleaner and washing machine! More time results in more productivity. Or does it? Think about the principles that we have covered so far, the lack of value being in a thing and the four laws of seeds. Actually, increased productivity doesn’t come from my washing machine. I can put the clothes in the machine and then waste time watching kitten videos online. Increased productivity comes from helping others be more productive, saving time for others, not wasting time on useless things. That means prioritizing what is important and enthusiastically going for it! 


New innovations are all about creating more resources and it’s happening all the time. There is absolutely no reason why you, your profit sharing partners and everyone in your industry, cannot have more abundance in the next quarter. It is important that you check to see if there is an idea in your mind that resources are limited. Deep down you may think, because that is what you were taught at a very young age, that getting what you want means someone else doesn’t get what they want. The very idea of getting what you want sounds selfish. Shouldn’t we be focusing on what others want? Yes, that is exactly what we will do because what we sow we will reap! The seed system appeals to our goodness, wanting to make a better world, so don’t self-sabotage with some old idea in your mind that having what you want takes from someone else. It absolutely does not! If you are stingy with yourself you are planting a seed of scarcity and stinginess and that is exactly what you will see in your world!