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DCI Global Advanced Level 1 is a radical new way of solving problems and turning them into opportunities for huge success. Even as we continue to share the 12 Foundation Levels of personal and business success throughout the world, DCI Global is happy to announce the first course of the 12 new Advanced Levels!

It has been several years of serious problems for everyone across the world. The covid years are forcing us not just to solve problems, but to look at new ways of how we solve our problems—personally, at home, and in our work. We don’t just create solutions—we craft solutions which are powerful, successful, & elegant as well. Come learn how!

More than 10,000 people have learned with DCI system

A proven system in Fortune 500 companies now available to everyone.



Learning Period

2 Weeks

Knowledge Required


Course Language


Details of the Course


The participants will have access to all the recordings of this special course

Free Manual

Includes a special manual for automatic leadership of 250 pages

Wisdom Group

Via Zoom, the place where we will help you to practice what you have learned

Conceptual of problem soving or finding a solution
Special Price

Only for
$395 USD

With SOtS and Geshe Michael Roach

Included in the price. Special meetings via Zoom with our team to answer your doubts

12 Hours of Video*

You will get 21 extra days in order to see the video classes

* Be aware that because of the international program the English will have pauses for translation


The Flow of the LifeTools for DCIG Advanced Level 1

LifeTool #1: Technique, attitude, masterpiece
LifeTool #2: Einstein’s entropy: The Truth of Trouble
LifeTool #3: The pipe under the sink, x3
LifeTool #4: The three kinds of solutions
LifeTool #5: Emptiness solutions for dis-solving problems!
LifeTool #6: States of mind as tools for solving problems
LifeTool #7: Facing up to problems, for myself & others
LifeTool #8: Looking for problems
LifeTool #9: The forest & the beads: a real emptiness solution
LifeTool #10: Eating up problems with joy, and Stepping Up to the bigger fight!
LifeTool #11: Crafting a Masterpiece!
LifeTool #12: Cousins for Solving Problems

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