Our very first SEEDS OF TRUE SUCCESS events in Taiwan

Our very first SEEDS OF TRUE SUCCESS events in Taiwan

When you find something that works for you, you end up wanting to share it with the world. This is at the heart of Seeds of True Success. So we were delighted to accept our first invitation to teach in Taipei, Taiwan. We created a program of two public talks, followed by a day-long intensive, and invited several of our peer-heroes and fellow teachers from Taiwan to co-teach with us: Jenny Li, Emily Chan, Gibson Chang and Sharon Fann.

Us, with our friends and fellow teachers from Taiwan.

Wow, we were really surrounded by people who put their principles into action. People who really walk the talk. This includes our amazing organizer, Yaoli, who is a powerhouse in the not-for-profit world, fundraising and supporting many efforts to help the poor and the sick, not just in Taiwan but all over the world.

Yaoli asked us to share the Diamond Cutter principles with her group, Diamond Success. Our events were made up of mostly young entrepreneurs, who were brand new to these ideas.

Well right away we were struck by the warmth and enthusiasm of the Taiwanese people. It seemed like they already brought so much love to everything they do.

Our new friends and amazing participants doing the all essential stretch break, led by Sharon

Over the three days with this lovely group of 130, we covered the main Diamond Cutter principles and how to work on our dreams, as well as taking a look at those problems that always tend to arise when we are working on any project or relationship that is important to us. We shared the core concepts of how we plant seeds in our minds and how we can nourish those seeds and what to do when we reach the inevitable blocks and obstacles (along with the crazy idea that we could possibly remove them for good). We spent a couple of sessions focused on the powerful practice that is at the center of what we do: The Four Steps for creating your reality, and the small yet radical transformative actions we can take on a daily basis to change ourselves and the world.

Then we broke out into smaller groups where we could dive deeper into each person’s life goals, hopes and dreams and answer questions.

Janice leading breakout group

Right at the center of these ancient ideas is that giving to others what we want for ourselves changes us first from within and then ripples out, changing the small group of people around us and then eventually the world. If these sound like radical ideas, they are! And they are also some of the most enjoyable ideas to put into practice. Most of us want to help other people, most of us deep down cherish that opportunity. It’s just that no one ever told us that it might also be the key to reaching our own dreams and happiness and increasing the amount of happiness in the world. This is what we love about the Diamond Cutter principles – they explain how it all works and how we can fine tune the best in us to create real change.

Sometimes at these talks, we like to ask, what would the world be like if everyone was following these ideas? And I think we felt some of that in our three days in Taiwan. It’s people helping people. It’s heart centered connections. By being successful (whatever that means for you) we encourage ourselves and others that it is really possible to make change. That we can make a difference. Together we can lift each other up and create a better world for everyone.

Thank you Taiwan for such a lovely visit. We can’t wait to do it again.

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