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Through these three courses we provide the details and application of the seed system for achieving your goals, personal and professional goals are easily achieved when you know the causes of success, and make a plan to create those causes. In these three courses, we will help you live your dreams. 

Completing this courses will help you:

Who is the course for?

These programs are for you if you want to find deeper meaning in your daily life, contributing to the well being of your family, friends and community while reaching goals you may currently only dream of being able to achieve.

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Learning Path

In this course you will receive 15 short videos lessons that will give you the basics of the Seed System, everything that you need to prove it to yourself, you get what you give!

Inner and Outer Success is a FREE course that provides you with an unexpected path to achieving all your goals.


This course uses an easy method to bring back your passion. What about purpose? Is it posible to have the fulfillment that comes from knowing exactly what you want to do with the limited time you have? It is posible when you know how to create the causes for discovering your ultimate purpose.

This course has 12 lessons approximately 15 minutes each plus 2 bonus videos with meditation and yoga.

The connection between mind and body goes both ways; when we change our actions and consider our words before speaking them, the result is our thoughts become healthier too! If you are interested in the benefits of meditation there are a lot of choices of techniques to try. You don’t want to trust your mental real estate to just any technique.

This program provides authentic step by step meditation instructions from Ancient Indian Masters in a modern format. This course has lessons and a 95 page manual from DCIG level 3!

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Level 2

want to find your purpose and talent?

Passion is also a feature in our relationships. This level will address how to keep our passion from running out in any area of life. Imagine what it would be like to always have excitement about the day ahead!

Talent, Passion and Purpose

12 lessons - 3:00 hours
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Do you want to find the key to a happier mind?

What is the connection between mind and body? A calmer mind reduces stress which improves physical health. Meditation also sharpens the mind so that we are more aware of how our choices effect our health.

Master Your Mind for a Healthier Life

10 lessons - 4:11 hours
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