How I used the Diamond X system to start my business!

How I used the Diamond X system to start my business!

Hello, my name is Katey Fetchenhier, and I am a Diamond X speaker.

I began attending Diamond X’s parent company’s seminars in 2010. Where I was introduced to a revolutionary system for success. I had nothing to lose. So, I decided to test the system for myself.

I had always dreamed of owning a boutique, and in early 2012, I decided to use the tools that I had learned to start my own business.

By using those tools I had learned, I opened my own business in early 2012. It was amazing, a location for my business just fell into my lap. I enjoyed my work and I watched it grow. By the very next year my business had expanded by 50% and I moved to a larger location. Guess what, by my third year, my business had expanded by another 50% and I, once more, doubled the size of my location. Year four; it grew again by 50% and I began to look for an additional location. By year number five, we now have two successful physical stores, and are considering expanding into two more locations.

Once I learned the Diamond X System, and USED it, it was impossible to stop my business from growing, even if I wanted it to. And the best part is, I still enjoy going to work and I also get plenty of time off to spend traveling and relaxing in Colorado (the best state ever), with my loving partner (and co-owner) Adam Andrade and our wonderful dog, Gracie.

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