5 key strategies to increase your wealth, bring back the joy and live a deeply meaningful life even through difficult times

The world has changed

Three main ways that most people are trying to deal with this change

Work harder

Pouring more hours of our life into something thats not working.

Become conservative

Cutting costs, letting people go, micromanaging and endure.

Get aggressive

Compromising core values being afraid that someone else will get their piece of pie

Is there a better way?

Deep inside we feel that these strategies are failing. But we don’t see better options, so every day we go out to hunt for wealth, happiness and respect. This leads to stress and exhaustion because the hunt never guarantees results. Especially when things change on a global level.


But what if you can thrive in life not by hunting or forcing, but instead through a framework that generates innovation, mental wellness and joyful environment where others thrive too?


This a framework which I’m excited to share with you on our coming event.

You’ll learn unique way of working smarter (not harder,) being more innovative (instead of becoming closed) and growing your “pie” bigger for everyone (instead of hunting for each other piece).

What is Seeds of True Success

Seeds of True Success provides individual, professional and group coaching using the Seed System of achieving goals. Personal and professional goals are easily achieved when you know the causes of success and make a plan to create those causes. The Seed System is a fun and easy way to plant the life you want by purposefully choosing the actions you do today to create the world you step into tomorrow.

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How to remove uncertainty from money making

How to bring back the joy in your life

How to find your purpose and meaning

This is the team of Seeds of True Success

Alix Rowland

Alix Rowland Co-Founder. She has completed twelve academic sessions at the Sedona College of International Management and became certified to

Katey Fetch

Katey Fetch Katey’s passion is sharing how the ancient wisdom traditions are especially relevant and meaningful in our modern, sometimes

Brian Mendonza

Brian Mendoza Is the Director of Technology and Regional Director of Marketing in Latinamerica of the Diamond Cutter Institute Global

Janice Sanders

Janice Sanders Janice Sanders first learned of the seed system in 2011 through Diamond Cutter Institute (DCI). She used the

Your life is more important than you may believe

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    5 Facts about

    Michael Roach

    1. Graduated from Princeton with honors and medal from US President.
    2. First western person who received Geshe degree after 25 years of studying ancient philosophies in Sera May monastery in Himalayan mountains.
    3. Applied his knowledge to built the fastest growing diamond jewelry company in US, which reached $250,000,000 annual sales and was purchased in 2009 by Warren Buffet.
    4. His book “The Diamond Cutter” became worldwide bestseller. It was translated to 25 languages and sold more then 3,000,000 copies.
    5. Since 2010 his company The Diamond Cutter Insitute(DCI) teaches people how to apply ancient wisdom to build strong business, grow career and create fulfilling relationships in 35 countries.