Five Goals

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The Seed System founders at Diamond Cutter Institute Global traveled all over the world sharing this system. They began to notice that wherever they went, people around the world have five goals in common. Thinking about these five goals will help you focus on what is most important to you and why you are starting a new business venture or project or how you want to improve your existing situation. By exploring the five goals and doing the exercises that are presented along the way you will create your own plan, custom tailored to fit you perfectly.


Goal 1 – Financial freedom is the first of the five goals to consider when you are deciding what you truly want and need in your life. It is the starting point for most people because the stress of not being able to pay your rent or mortgage or being worried about medical bills will often overshadow all your other dreams. Your beliefs about money and your belief about your ability to have money will determine your financial success. Profit sharing, helping someone else to get what you want, is a new paradigm. You don’t want your old paradigm belief that success is dependent on competing over limited resources to sink your efforts before you start! 


We will go into the details of why it is possible for anyone to have financial freedom and how to do it the next chapter. For now, consider this; could you have oxygen money? That is, could money be so abundant in your life that you never even thought about it? When you walk into a room do you wonder if there will be enough air to breath? No, we just know there is enough for everyone.


Here is your first chance to get active in creating your future. Just reading about the Seed System is not going to change your life. You design a plan and then take action, you apply it to your life. The first exercise is designed for you to explore your current financial situation and to open up to the possibility that it can change. We haven’t talked about how yet, just take a moment to imagine what it might feel like to have financial freedom.


Before reading further, try this exercise:


Exercise 1, contemplate financial freedom


Find a quiet spot, sit up straight and close your eyes. Take ten deep breaths, counting the exhales as you go. On each exhale, release all the air from your lungs by pulling your belly in gently towards your spine. Let the inhales take care of themselves. Once you reach 10 breaths stop counting and try to imagine what it would feel like if you never had to think about money, if money was so abundant that it was like the air you breath. How much of your time and energy is currently spent on worrying about whether you will have enough money? What will it feel like when that concern is gone? After five or ten minutes, take three deep breaths, open your eyes and stretch. Just breathing deeply and taking a moment to pause will refresh your mind and body. Maybe you caught a glimpse of financial freedom as well!


Take a moment to write down your experience. You can repeat this exercise daily or as often as you like. Soon I will be encouraging you to write down your financial goals, this exercise helps you dream big.


Goal 2 – The second goal most people have is to have a perfect partner and supportive relationships. You can have all the money you want but without someone special to share it with many people feel incomplete. Relationships include the whole web of relationships around us; work partners, bosses, employees, family, friends, neighbors, community relationships and a soul mate. When relationships go bad, when we are fighting, angry or hurt, nothing else goes well. A relationship problem can take over and ruin your peace of mind, stealing the enjoyment from work and play. The opposite is also true, when you have kind, supportive, and fun relationships, you are more effective and have the energy to do more than you thought you could. It is important that your work life does not take away from your personal relationships and business is much more enjoyable and successful when all your business relationships are healthy too. How to have great relationships is the subject of part two of this book.


Goal 3 – The third goal is to have energy and great health. Everybody wants it! The Washington Post reports that the USA the dietary supplement industry in 2019 has 80,000 products and $50 billion in sales, according to the FDA. *


A new analysis from U.S. federal government actuaries say that Americans spent $3.65 trillion on health care in 2018, according to a report from Axios.* 


* Washington Post February 11, 2019


* Axios February 21, 2019 


Why is health such big business? You can have all the money you want and great relationships, but even a small headache or a cold can keep you from getting your work done smoothly, much less enjoy time with friends and family. If you want financial and career success,  you have to protect your health and have balance in your life. It is not necessary to wear yourselves out and have no energy left to enjoy life with in order to meet your goals. 


This is what I learned in a decade of real estate sales; there is no direct correlation between how many hours you put in and how much money you make! There is no better job than being a realtor to teach you that! You can put hundreds of hours into a transaction and have it fall apart at the last minute or you can have an easy deal that brings in six months of income for forty hours of work. As you create your business plan, think about how many hours a week you want to work. Having a team is all about having balance in your life.


Goal 4 – The fourth goal is peace of mind. We all know someone, or maybe we are someone, who appears to have it all. They have the first three goals of financial freedom, great relationships, health and energy, but they are not happy. Some very “successful” people live on antidepressants or commit suicide. This is an extension of goal three, perfect health, but it is our mind that we are talking about in the fourth goal. Mental illness and mental pain are as real as physical illness and potentially even more debilitating to our personal and professional lives. What is peace of mind? Having a clear and joyful mind. When our mind is in good shape then we are able to be much more effective and available to help those around us.


Each goal builds on the goal before to help create a well rounded and happy life. What is left? The first four goals may not cover everything that you want to achieve in your life. It is fine to make up new categories, or you may be able to fit your special dreams into one of the first four. 


Goal 5 – The fifth goal is the deepest universal desire that we have, one that is stronger than meeting our material needs or having companionship. Think back to when you were a child. What did you dream of? Most of us played at being a police officers, doctors, firefighters. Children put on capes and pretend to be a superheroes. My children pretended to be magic fairies who could make beautiful realms to play in. I wanted to be a veterinarian and heal animals when I was young. What were your dreams when you were a child? The fifth goal is that we want to help, we want to make a better world.


You will be using the five goals to make your personal plan during the rest of this blog. What area do you want to improve first? Financial freedom, great relationships, health and energy, peace of mind or making a better world. As you begin to have success with the Seed System, the five goals give you a map to check your progress. You do not have to work on the goals in order. It is for you to decide what area of your life is most important to upgrade as you progress. In the next chapter we are going to examine how profit sharing, or helping others get what they want, will cause you to get what you want. It may surprise you that it can be proven using logic!