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Freedom from Addiction: How to stop the downward cycle

We can describe “addiction” as compulsive behavior that we have trouble controlling, and which hurts ourselves and other people around us.  There are of course the obvious physical addictions: eating too much; spending too much time on the internet; the irresponsible use of alcohol; smoking cigarettes.


But there are also emotional addictions, although in many cases these may be considered socially acceptable: an addiction to overworking, or being too busy; addiction to the adulation or attention of others; addiction to focusing on the negative side of life; addiction to thinking poorly of ourselves.


Underneath these physical and emotional addictions—according to the wisdom tradition of the ancient East—lies an addiction to a certain view of the world: an addiction to a mistaken idea of how everything in the world works.  And according to this wisdom, we can break our other addictions—no matter how strong they may be, and no matter how long they have plagued us—if we break this philosophical addiction.

And so here in Level 6 we will be working on addictions at all three of these levels: physical, emotional, and philosophical.  Our goal, as usual with all the DCIG levels, will be to recognize and overcome first our own addictions; and thus become an example who inspires and helps others to overcome their addictions.


 There is a tremendous tool from the ancient writings for overcoming addiction, and this is the idea of how to shut down downward cycle.  This is a unique presentation both of downward cycles, and how to change them into upward cycles, that goes back two and a half thousand years.  Regardless of what country we come from—or what language we speak, or what culture we belong to—these deep ideas offer fantastic insights into all three kinds of addiction, and ways to overcome them.


We belive that removing our longstanding addictions is perhaps one of the biggest steps we can take in achieving happiness and success in our life. Tackling our biggest addictions requires that we recognize and admit that we have them, in the first place.


And so as we step into DCIG Level 6, we encourage you to use this precious time together wisely, beginning with a completely honest examination of where we can improve ourselves, in recognizing and battling the habits of a lifetime which we can better do without.  Let’s help each other.

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DCIG Level Six:

LifeTool 1: Freedom from addictions


LifeTool 2: Recognizing the objects of our addiction


LifeTool 3: Addiction as a self-perpetuating cycle


LifeTool 4: Addiction diamond deals


LifeTool 5: Downward cycles: the three core emotions


LifeTool 6: The mother of all addictions


LifeTool 7: The fruits of addiction


LifeTool 8: Flower 3: the addictive environment


LifeTool 9: Broken equipment


LifeTool 10: Nyjer relapses


LifeTool 11: Goodness friends


LifeTool 12: AA as the 4 Steps

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Freedom from Addiction: How to stop the downward cycle

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