An introduction to profit sharing: give what you want


There are a lot of personal coaching and business training systems available to you. You are probably wondering, “what is different about the Seed System?” You (and I) might be wondering, “why go to the trouble of starting up a training company?” 


            This blog consists of some unedited sections from a book I am working on about profit sharing. I hope it will help you understand what the Seed System is, why I love it and how I got so excited about the Seed System that I went to twelve, two weeklong, intensives over a five year period to become a DCIG trainer. 


            The truth about this story is that eleven years ago I “accidentally” stumbled into a real estate business partnership that totally changed the course of my life. It would be more flattering if I could tell you that I planned the whole thing, and executed the plan perfectly, but that is not how it happened. 


            In 2007 I moved to Durango, Colorado, with a (soon to be ex-) husband and two very active 11 and 13 year old daughters. Durango is a small, rugged city in the Southwest corner of the state. I didn’t know anyone in our new home but soon met Tiare Flora who had also just arrived to town from nearby Telluride. Tiare is an energetic, fiery, part Italian mom who cares for all who cross her path.  Looking back, the first indication that we would have a very profitable relationship was how we met. We were both doing political volunteer work in an effort to bring opportunity, peace and prosperity to our community.


            The partnership that we formed grew to achieved notable success. In fact, because of our success, I was recently approached by some friends seeking advice. They wanted to know if I had any recommendations for them as newly licensed real estate agents. I told them that joining a profit-sharing team would be a great way to go. The only problem with my advice is that it doesn’t seem to be a common idea in the real estate world where they are located. Tiare and I knew that our commission based profit sharing team was unique in our town. Spouse real estate teams are not uncommon, they throw their lot in together for better or worse, but we hadn’t heard of unrelated partners doing it.  Talking to my newly licensed friends made me realize that the partnership Tiare and I had created was pretty unusual. 


            Real estate business happens 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, so having a personal life can be a problem for a busy sales associate. Most people do have a personal life so the question becomes, do we sacrifice our personal life for our business or do we set our client’s needs aside to meet family commitments? Our answer is: “Neither! There is a third way- create a profit-sharing partnership.”


            My business partnership enabled me to have more personal time to pursue another interest I have which is using proven Asian wisdom for a more successful, healthier and happier life. I have been practicing yoga and meditating for over 25 years with the result of a sharper, more peaceful mind and a stronger, healthier body. In 2014 a friend invited me to a presentation in Phoenix that mentioned a need for more teachers for an organization called Diamond Cutter Institute Global (DCI Global). DCI Global travels the world teaching business seminars based on the tried and tested principle that “You get what you give.” When I heard those words, my interest was piqued. I felt in that moment that I had just heard something that would have a big impact on my future. 


            Those few words in 2014 started me on a journey to become trained through the Sedona College of International Management to teach the DCIG principles. DCI is our source for the modern presentation of the Seed System we use at Seeds of True Success. The ancient presentation is scattered throughout 2,500 years of Asian texts.


            My purpose for writing this book is that you will be inspired to try what Tiare and I did, either with real estate or another business venture, and that you will reach all your goals. The fruit of our partnership has been financial freedom, great business relationships, having time to enjoy the money and being able to support our families. Success means something different to all of us so your success won’t look like ours.    


            Working for commission or starting a business is risky; it has its ups and downs, there are always expenses but not always income to pay those expenses. Profit-sharing is a way to even out the highs and lows while creating more time for you and your family. Most importantly, profit-sharing is a way to tap into the power of helping others to ensure your own success.


            This book is a description of our team’s success and our path to that success. As they say at DCIG, success is love. Writing this book and describing the path we took is one way I can share abundance with others. Here, you will find how you, too, can use the Seed System to create success in all areas of your professional and personal life. The book has three parts to take you through assessing your current situation, building relationships for success and putting the power of the Seed System to work for you. Each chapter has companion exercises and room for notes to help you create an action plan that you can start using in your life immediately. 


            One of the most difficult things to change is our own mind, but we know that if we keep thinking the same old way, we will keep getting the same old results. If you are ready for a new way, the Seed System is for you!