About SOtS

Seeds of True Success (SOtS) provides individual, professional and group coaching using the Seed System of achieving goals. Personal and professional goals are easily achieved when you know the causes of success and make a plan to create those causes.

The Seed System is a fun and easy way to plant the life you want by purposefully choosing the actions you do today to create the world you step into tomorrow.

Founders Janice Sanders and Alix Rowland and trainer Katey Fetchenhier are Colorado business women (as well as artist, authors, mothers and grandmothers) who have all trained in the seed system at the Sedona College of International Management (SCIM)


Alix Rowland​

Alix is co-founder of Seeds of True Success. She has completed twelve academic sessions at the Sedona College of International Management and became certified to teach Yoga through the Santa Barbara Yoga Center in 2002.

Katey Fetch

Katey’s passion is sharing how the ancient wisdom traditions are especially relevant and meaningful in our modern lives. Is a Seeds of True Success presenter, and international public speaker.

Janice Sanders

Janice learned of the seed in 2011 through DCI. “I continue to use the techniques we teach in Seeds of True Success in all aspects of my life. I want to share what I have learned to help as many people as possible be successful in their own life.”

Brian Mendoza

“I believe that the world needs businesses like STS, that change our mindset to achieve success in a way that instead of fighting we help each other to reach new levels of success. Don’t believe me… just try it.”

The world needs collaboration. We have been in times of global competition for decades. It's time to try something different.